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Warehouse cleaning tips from the pros at NLC Solutions

Set regular cleaning goals  Don’t wait for dirt to be noticed. Regularly scheduled pick up, dusting, and washing keeps dirt and debris from accumulating and reveals damage, leaks, and other potential problems.  Keep trash under control. Overflowing trash cans will block your efforts at maintaining a clean, functioning warehouse.  It’s not finished until it’s clean  Make cleaning a rule  Your assignment is not complete until the area is clear of debris.  Keep basic cleaning tools handy  From trash cans to brooms, making quick cleanups easy adds to productivity.  Encourage employees to take pride in the look of their area.  From sweeping to picking up debris, wiping down equipment, and reorganizing materials, let workers know their contributions are valued.  First in, first out  Make sure your inventory rotates as deliveries come and go. A layer of dust on a carton usually means it will remain there until it is damaged or lost. Ready for help keeping your warehouse clean? Come to the pro

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