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Spray Sanitizing Service Fast, Cost-effective Disinfection Powerful on virus and bacteria Kill 99.999% of disease causing organisms. Our solution adheres to any surface, killing infectious contaminants within minutes. After drying it remains on the surface, providing lasting protection. spryGym.png The water-based mist is electrostatically charged, particles surround and cling to all sides of any surface - hard or soft.  The coating stays moist on the surface long enough to kill virus and bacteria. It then dries away, leaving a protective barrier against contamination. Efficiency of application and fast dry time make it a practical answer for high-traffic areas that will benefit from frequent treatments. Safe ━ even for food contact. The solution is EPA registered as effective against Covid-19 and most other common viruses and bacteria. Powerful against contaminants, it is safe for humans and animals with a toxicity rating of 4 - EPA's lowest. No need to rinse or dry surfaces that

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